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Hi Mike,

I like the look of your updated website.

Regards Phil                                                                                                                16th Nov 2010


Hi Mike

Just been looking at your smashing new website - excellent

Graham P                                                                                                                     17th Nov 2010


Hi Mike,

Came across your card this morning and looked up your web site - very good! Enjoyed looking through the gallery. I'm impressed you manage it yourself. I've been waiting for weeks for my designer to upload new photos to my site, so there's a lot to be said for being in control of your own site.

Hope to see you at life drawing again in the new year (and on another course!),

best wishes

Jane                                                                                                                              21st Nov 2010


Being so far away in New Zealand it was great to catch up with you & to see your website. Some of those works certainly brought back memories of Syston for me.
Linda                                                                                                                             9th Dec 2010


I am impressed Mike very nice.

Dean (www.BirdMad.com)                                                                                         20th Dec 2010

Hello Mike
How lovely to see our beautiful home on your Commissions page!  We were so impressed with your work when we saw your site.  We love our painting and can't wait to receive the next one. Much thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our house.
Mr. & Mrs. Mann                                                                                                       
6th January 2011



I I've just finished looking at you web site. Your paintings really are very good. I liked the Christmas ones. Have you thought of approaching the Christmas Card market.

Best Wishes

Dave                                                                                                                         17th March 2011